How Does Your IT Guy Stackup

Technology is one of the most important factors which your Business relies on, especially if you are a Small Business Owner, as it can be your main advantage over your competitors.

Just imagine....coming to Office on Monday morning, to discover there is NO INTERNET. Now, let that sink in for a second, what is going to happen when this is challenge is dicovere:

  • Your Admin Person is going to call the Internet Service Provider and spend at least 30-45 minutes over the phone to get some answer.
  • In the mean time your staff are going to be sitting in front of the computer pretending to be busy.
  • You as a Business Owner are going to be stressing out.

Why do I know all of this? Because I was exactly in a similar situation, luckily I am in IT so I had a workaround within 5 minutes.

Do you think when we had the Optus Outage a few months back, people were this lucky at the time?

Question is, how long can you afford your business to be down for, as in without Phones, no Internet, minutes, hours or even days? The answer is likely no.

Having this sort of Downtime is One Way bad IT support can disrupt your Small Business, but there are bigger problems as well e.g. recovering deleted files, removing malware and constantly monitoring and patching your network, and small irritations like getting proper file access, resetting forgotten passwords and repairing broken printers, this all can stack over time and affect your Staff Productivity, and reduce the profitability of your business.

It is important that you must have a way to get back up and running quickly should something happen or even a possiblity of eliminating tech problems before they start.

Unfortunately, paying through the nose for IT Support that cannot even troubleshoot its way out of the paper bag is more common than you think. These IT Wizards who are just waiting for something to go wrong and relying on more of a pro-active approach is something which needs to stop now, because in an ideal case you would want an IT provider who has more of a reative then pro-active approach.

I have put togther a list of fundamental requirements that AYNONE who is working on your network should meet.


  • Responsive Support: We answer calls promptly and respond to emergencies within minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

  • Proactive Monitoring: Our team proactively monitors, patches, and updates your network's security settings to prevent potential threats.

  • Data Backup: We offer comprehensive data backup solutions to safeguard your critical information.

  • Regular Reporting: We schedule regular meetings to review our activities, discuss projects, and suggest ways to enhance your network's performance.

  • Transparency: Our detailed invoices clearly outline the services you are paying for, ensuring transparency in our billing.

  • Cybersecurity Focus: We prioritize cybersecurity discussions, provide recommendations to protect your network from threats like ransomware, and offer employee training to mitigate risks.

  • Network Documentation: We provide complete network documentation, empowering you with essential information about your network.

  • Professional Service: Our technicians arrive on time, dressed professionally, and strive to provide exceptional service that you can rely on.

If your current IT support falls short on any of these aspects, it may be time to reassess your provider. Substandard IT support not only poses security risks but also leads to significant productivity losses.

At MTR IT, we are committed to delivering top-notch IT support tailored to meet the unique needs of Melbourne's small to medium business owners.

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