If you depend on your computer network to run your business ( and who does not?), you will want somene treating

your data as securely as they would their own.

Not knowing what is going on behind the scenes should scare the crap out of you. It is NOT unreasonable that your IT company

is monitoring your network 24/7/365.

Stop paying for substandard support. It is important for you to interview your current company to ensure they are up to your standards. This will help you determine if it is time for a change

(and so you can sleep at night).

The top 3 questions to ask include:




  • "Do you provide detailed invoices clearly outlining what we are paying for?"

If your autodraft is just sending a tranditional monthly payment without explanation, something is not right. Each invoice needs to show what services each dollar covers, just to ensure you are not being nickle and dimed outside of what is covered in your contract.

  • "Do you provide status reports on new projects?"

Or if they are working on an in-process project? It is on them to provide updates and give you ETAs on when the works would be completed.

  • "Do you offer guarantees on services"?

Any IT company should back their services 100%. Any updates, additions, subtractions, etc., should not be an additional charge and should be guaranteed to work the first time, without having to submit an additional ticket.

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